Since a large number of parents purchase a study table for their child, many companies are selling study tables of different sizes, designs, and materials. In addition to design and price, one of the most important factors which should be considered while choosing the study table for children Singapore is the material that is used. Though plastic tables are able at a lower price, they are usually not suitable for children since they are not very durable. If more force is applied or weight kept on the plastic table, the table legs may collapse under the pressure. 


Wooden/Plywood tables

Wooden or plywood tables are usually stronger than plastic tables and are affordably priced. However, it is usually difficult to have a provision for adjusting the height of these tables. Also if the children will keep their dirty feet or legs on the wooden legs of the table, they will become dirty. It is also more difficult to wipe off the dirt from the table legs. If water or liquids are spilled on the table legs, the leg will become wet, and in some cases, the table legs will rot. Also, plywood or wooden tables may be attacked by termites and other insects, reducing their life.


Metal/wood combination.

Realizing that the tables with wooden legs are less strong, and cannot be easily cleaned, Kidchamp has developed the Magicube table after extensive research. The table has legs made from welded stainless steel for greater strength. This ensures that the table legs will not bend or break even if more pressure is applied. Stainless steel is also very durable and will not rust or corrode if water or other liquid is spilled on it. Additionally, insects do not attack metal legs since they are hard. It is also easier to adjust the height of the stainless steel legs using a crank type handle. 


Though stainless steel is the ideal material for the table legs, it is usually not advisable to use it for the tabletop because of multiple reasons. Stainless steel is a very hard material, so it will not very comfortable to write on a table with a steel top. The student using the table may also suffer from cuts and other problems. Compared to plywood, stainless steel is also a very expensive material so the cost of a table made entirely from Stainless steel will be very high. Hence Kidcamp is using a combination of wood and stainless steel for its Magicube table.


While the load bearing parts of the table are made from stainless steel, the portions which are used by the student frequently are made from wood which is softer and inexpensive. The wood used for the tabletop and shelves is mainly Albasia Falcata, which is strong and durable. The wood is light colored with a teak wood finish so that it will easily blend with any room decor. The tabletop material also has a protective scratch resistant layer and a wooden reinforcement layer for greater strength and durability, since the tabletop will be used extensively 

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