Singapore is known for being food heaven, there are many types of cuisine available in Singapore. From Japanese to Korean to Western food and Chinese food, you will be spoilt for choices. If you are looking for something cheap, hawker centres are your best bet, other than Kopitiam or food court. But if you are looking for a steak or a nice ambiance, then dining in a restaurant might be a better idea.


Sometimes there are days when one has cravings and feels like indulging in some steamy hotpot and cooking fresh seafood on their own. But as the standard of living is very high in Singapore, so when it comes to eating hot pot or steamboat in Singapore, it can set you back easily at 40 to 50 dollars or more depending on how upscale the restaurant is.


SimplyPeiqi, a budding lifestyle blogger who writes reviews on products and food and on her life chapters was on a food hunt and decided to try this restaurant called Pot Addiction in the north of Singapore at Sembawang.

What is Pot Addiction?


The name, ‘Pot Addiction’ is an interesting name and can easily be misunderstood for meaning other terms. However, we believe that the meaning of this restaurant’s name simply means that their food is so good that you simply get addicted to eating hotpot!


Where is this restaurant?


Located at Sunplaza mall, this restaurant is touted to be the first international restaurant in Singapore where they offer mookata, a Thai steamboat. Coupled with that they also offer Korean barbecue as well as the Chinese steamboat.

What is so good about this hot pot restaurant?


Depending on the restaurants you go to, some restaurant goes by ala carte so the more you order, the more expensive it gets. But at this steamboat restaurant, the dishes are buffet style, so it is free-flow. This means you pay a fixed amount together with service charge and the goods and services tax, the more you order, the more value for money your meal becomes.


What was ordered?


As there was still a safe distancing restriction in place in light of COVID, diners were not allowed to walk around to get their own food. Instead, diners indicated their orders on a slip of paper, and waiters and waitresses brought their food selection to them. 


Our lifestyle blogger ordered some beef, pork, chicken, and tried out the famous mala soup base. There were also some recommended sauces and the couple tried it, it was good! The food was delicious with the right seasoning. 


At the end of the meal, the amount was a reasonable 60+ Singapore dollars for the couple. So, families who are looking for affordable hotpot can try this restaurant. For now, the restaurant is under renovation so Simplypeiqi recommends would-be diners to check out the restaurant’s Instagram to see when the renovation will be completed before going down to have a hearty hotpot meal. 


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