Reasons to Hire an Experienced Tutor for O Level A Math

Just when you think you can handle O Level A Math by yourself, you thought wrong. You end up not understanding a lot of things and you can’t really blame yourself because it is difficult. It is going to end in a lot of sleepless nights trying to understand the lessons. Hence, it would be a lot easier for your life if you hire an experience tutor to help you with O Level A Math. 


They won’t stop until you get it

They were once students a few years ago. Thus, they know the difficulties that you are experience. They are going to be patient with you though as they won’t stop until you finally get the lesson. They won’t care how many times it will take for them to teach you the math lessons over and over again. They will come up with new ways until you finally get it. It will be hard at first but one way or the other, you will tell yourself oh so that is how you do it then move on to the next lesson.


They will give similar questions

You can’t believe how similar the questions to give to the questions that come out in the exam. Thus, you won’t spend much time trying to ponder around much problems. They know what questions they are going to give you and they are pretty confident it is similar to the ones that are going to come out. It is normal to be afraid of Math exams but your tutor is going to prepare your mind, body, and soul for it. You should not only be prepared mentally but also emotionally and physically. Thus, the tutor may tell you what you must eat and drink before an exam.


They are qualified

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Questions to Ask IGCSE Schools in Singapore

There is a great way to lower the list of IGCSE schools in Singapore you are choosing from. The next thing to do would be to ask them questions in order to make it an even shorter list. You know you will feel confident if you get the answers you are looking for from the school representative you are talking to. If this person has been with the company for several years, you know you will get everything that you need. Here are some of the questions that you will certainly need to ask:

What are the subjects offered?

One major difference between IGCSE and O-level programs is the number of subjects offered. In contrast, there are a lot more subjects being offered in IGCSE compared to O-level. Hence, you would want to find out what they are in order to get a good idea whether you will like them or not. Remember, you are going to spend several months trying to study these subjects. If they don’t interest you, then what is the point? On the other hand, you know you will look forward coming to school each day when you really like the subjects that they have to offer. 

What are the core subjects?

The next question would involve asking the main subjects that you are going to study. Of course, this would mean these subjects would appear several times during the curriculum. It is also possible they are the hardest so better know what they are in advance. Normally, you will encounter a couple of language subjects and you need to know what languages they are. If those languages seem interesting to you, then you know you would want to enroll there. Besides, it won’t be long before you will practice at home trying to learn the …