Why should you learn physics tuition for sec 3 in Singapore?

In Physics tuition sec 3, students are exposed to the actual standard needed at O levels. Before students join sec 3, they learn physical science, including simple electricity, magnetism, motion, and heat. The mathematical requirements for Physics tuition for sec 3 are higher, and students are supposed to master mathematical formulas and concepts. In particular, they are supposed to remember concepts and apply them appropriately while they solve physics questions. Apart from that, in sec 3, students are introduced to more detailed and complex topics.

Syllabus for Physics Tuition for Sec 3

The theme I General Physics

  • Measurement
  • What is physics
  • Measurement of time
  • Measurement of length
  • Physical quantities and SI Units

Forces and Pressure

  • Pressure
  • Free-body diagrams
  • Friction and its effects
  • Motion and forces
  • Vector diagram
  • Forces

Kinematics model

  • Acceleration due to gravity
  • Graph of motion
  • Speed, velocity, and acceleration
  • Distances and displacement

Kinetics of model matter

  • States of matter
  • Kinetic model of matter

Energy, work, and power

  • Power
  • Work
  • Energy

Turning effects of forces

  • Stability
  • Centre of gravity
  • Moments
  • Principle of moments

Mas, weight, and density

  • Density
  • Inertia
  • Mass and weight

Thermal properties of matter

  • Evaporation
  • Boiling and condensation
  • Melting and solidification
  • Internal energy

Transfer of thermal energy

  • Convection
  • Conduction
  • Radiation
  • Transfer of thermal energy
  • Application of thermal energy transfer

Why should you learn physics tuition for sec 3 in Singapore?

Interactive learning processes

Sec 2 physicals entail comprehensive calculations and theory learning with the application of formulas. The two aspects provide students with a poor impression regarding the subject, resulting in poor performance. Fortunately, Singapore is dedicated to ensuring that all schools offer sec 3 physics tuition using interactive learning processes. That is because the interactive learning processes have for several decades assisted in providing students with an entirely new view regarding physics. Consequently, it assists students

Materials used in study table for children

Since a large number of parents purchase a study table for their child, many companies are selling study tables of different sizes, designs, and materials. In addition to design and price, one of the most important factors which should be considered while choosing the study table for children Singapore is the material that is used. Though plastic tables are able at a lower price, they are usually not suitable for children since they are not very durable. If more force is applied or weight kept on the plastic table, the table legs may collapse under the pressure. 


Wooden/Plywood tables

Wooden or plywood tables are usually stronger than plastic tables and are affordably priced. However, it is usually difficult to have a provision for adjusting the height of these tables. Also if the children will keep their dirty feet or legs on the wooden legs of the table, they will become dirty. It is also more difficult to wipe off the dirt from the table legs. If water or liquids are spilled on the table legs, the leg will become wet, and in some cases, the table legs will rot. Also, plywood or wooden tables may be attacked by termites and other insects, reducing their life.


Metal/wood combination.

Realizing that the tables with wooden legs are less strong, and cannot be easily cleaned, Kidchamp has developed the Magicube table after extensive research. The table has legs made from welded stainless steel for greater strength. This ensures that the table legs will not bend or break even if more pressure is applied. Stainless steel is also very durable and will not rust or corrode if water or other liquid is spilled on it. Additionally, insects do not attack metal legs since they are hard. It is also easier to adjust

Apple iPhone Usage and Maintenance Basics

As one of the easiest to use devices on the planet, it’s no wonder why Apple iPhones are so popular with people these days. For the most part, nothing goes wrong with them and they don’t require much technical expertise if any at all. Also, many apps are available for the platform that you can find just about anything you need for your purpose. Read further to know how to get the most out of your device.


Apple Smartphone Repair Basics


While most people don’t have to go through the process of dealing with any broken parts of their phone before replacing it, some actually do. Usually, people consider a cracked screen and want to get it fixed. Another common issue is replacing the battery, particularly if the device is quite old. While these are procedures that can be done by any knowledgeable individual, it’s best to go with Apple iPhone repair Singapore.


Make sure you keep your device safe so that nothing goes wrong with it anyway. In that way, you can be problem-free, even though Apple iPhone repair Singapore is there to help you whenever you need it. Hopefully, the only problems you’ll face are some kind of bug or user error in the operating system.


Apple Smartphone Usage Basics


Even though you’re probably adept at using the essential features of your phone, there are additional features that you should be aware of. This includes features that help with your quality of life as well as your productivity. It’s a bonus for your work life as well as your personal life.


One tip you should keep in mind is that there are various automation features available to your device. You probably already know about Siri and use it regularly, but there’s

Cheap Hot Pot in Singapore


Singapore is known for being food heaven, there are many types of cuisine available in Singapore. From Japanese to Korean to Western food and Chinese food, you will be spoilt for choices. If you are looking for something cheap, hawker centres are your best bet, other than Kopitiam or food court. But if you are looking for a steak or a nice ambiance, then dining in a restaurant might be a better idea.


Sometimes there are days when one has cravings and feels like indulging in some steamy hotpot and cooking fresh seafood on their own. But as the standard of living is very high in Singapore, so when it comes to eating hot pot or steamboat in Singapore, it can set you back easily at 40 to 50 dollars or more depending on how upscale the restaurant is.


SimplyPeiqi, a budding lifestyle blogger who writes reviews on products and food and on her life chapters was on a food hunt and decided to try this restaurant called Pot Addiction in the north of Singapore at Sembawang.

What is Pot Addiction?


The name, ‘Pot Addiction’ is an interesting name and can easily be misunderstood for meaning other terms. However, we believe that the meaning of this restaurant’s name simply means that their food is so good that you simply get addicted to eating hotpot!


Where is this restaurant?


Located at Sunplaza mall, this restaurant is touted to be the first international restaurant in Singapore where they offer mookata, a Thai steamboat. Coupled with that they also offer Korean barbecue as well as the Chinese steamboat.

What is so good about this hot pot restaurant?


Depending on the restaurants you go to, some restaurant goes by ala carte so the more

The Most Popular Italian Dishes

Are you looking for something that can make your palate tasty? If your answer is yes then you should not look anything other than the Italian cuisines. With so many Italian restaurants available across the country, it is very easy to find a good Italian restaurant Singapore. Dining out has always been fun, but eating good food cooked by an experienced chef of the kitchen is more amazing. If you have a liking for Italian food but you are not experienced enough to dine out and have Italian food then you should consider a few things.

With so many Italian dishes, it is very difficult to choose a food that can satisfy your taste bud. Below are some of the most popular Italian dishes that one should keep in mind when going out for dining.

Bruschetta – The appetizer is the first thing that people eat at the restaurant. If you are looking for a basic Italian appetizer then bruschetta is the best option. The dish is not fancy as it sounds, the dish is basically grilled bread made with tomato, garlic, and olive oil. It is among the basic Italian dishes but has an amazing taste. If you are very fond of eating tomatoes then there is a lesser chance that you will not go for the second one. Unlike unhealthy junk foods, Bruschetta is as healthier as any other healthier foods.

Pasta – We all know about this dish since we were young. It is the most common Italian dish that you will ever find and is available in every Italian restaurant. With so many varieties of pasta available, it might be difficult for you to choose one. Most of the people are familiar with macaroni, spaghetti, penne, or linguini, but there are many more varieties of …

Reasons to Hire an Experienced Tutor for O Level A Math

Just when you think you can handle O Level A Math by yourself, you thought wrong. You end up not understanding a lot of things and you can’t really blame yourself because it is difficult. It is going to end in a lot of sleepless nights trying to understand the lessons. Hence, it would be a lot easier for your life if you hire an experience tutor to help you with O Level A Math. 


They won’t stop until you get it

They were once students a few years ago. Thus, they know the difficulties that you are experience. They are going to be patient with you though as they won’t stop until you finally get the lesson. They won’t care how many times it will take for them to teach you the math lessons over and over again. They will come up with new ways until you finally get it. It will be hard at first but one way or the other, you will tell yourself oh so that is how you do it then move on to the next lesson.


They will give similar questions

You can’t believe how similar the questions to give to the questions that come out in the exam. Thus, you won’t spend much time trying to ponder around much problems. They know what questions they are going to give you and they are pretty confident it is similar to the ones that are going to come out. It is normal to be afraid of Math exams but your tutor is going to prepare your mind, body, and soul for it. You should not only be prepared mentally but also emotionally and physically. Thus, the tutor may tell you what you must eat and drink before an exam.


They are qualified

Buy flowers from a reputed online store

Sending flowers to a loved one would certainly make their day special. Sending flowers to someone doesn’t only mean that you are sending them a gift, but it means that you have put a lot of thought and care to select something that would be special to them and would make them smile. So, if you are thinking about sending flowers to a loved one in Singapore then you shouldn’t delay. If you are wondering where the best place to buy flowers in Singapore are then you need to know that these days we easily find flowers at several places in Singapore. There are so many people selling flowers these days in various areas. If you are someone who is considering flower stand delivery Singapore but not finding enough time to buy them then you don’t need to worry anymore as you can easily buy them online. Buying them online is very popular these days as you can buy a wide variety of flowers beautifully put together for gifting one another at the online stores. These days anyone can go online and buy flowers to send someone in Singapore.


Before buying flowers from an online store, you need to ensure that you are buying them from any of the reputed online store. Though there are many online stores available these days, however, only the reputed ones would make sure that they are providing fresh flower stand delivery Singapore. There are many reputed online stores that have been selling beautiful flowers at affordable rates so you don’t need to worry about the rates. Moreover, they are popular for providing premium flowers and excellent delivery services. The reputed online stores also provide 24 hour delivery services. So, you don’t need to worry about the time when you want the flower stand

Questions to Ask IGCSE Schools in Singapore

There is a great way to lower the list of IGCSE schools in Singapore you are choosing from. The next thing to do would be to ask them questions in order to make it an even shorter list. You know you will feel confident if you get the answers you are looking for from the school representative you are talking to. If this person has been with the company for several years, you know you will get everything that you need. Here are some of the questions that you will certainly need to ask:

What are the subjects offered?

One major difference between IGCSE and O-level programs is the number of subjects offered. In contrast, there are a lot more subjects being offered in IGCSE compared to O-level. Hence, you would want to find out what they are in order to get a good idea whether you will like them or not. Remember, you are going to spend several months trying to study these subjects. If they don’t interest you, then what is the point? On the other hand, you know you will look forward coming to school each day when you really like the subjects that they have to offer. 

What are the core subjects?

The next question would involve asking the main subjects that you are going to study. Of course, this would mean these subjects would appear several times during the curriculum. It is also possible they are the hardest so better know what they are in advance. Normally, you will encounter a couple of language subjects and you need to know what languages they are. If those languages seem interesting to you, then you know you would want to enroll there. Besides, it won’t be long before you will practice at home trying to learn the …